The Scene: In The Soil Arts Festival 2015

Narrator: One sunny, Spring afternoon at the In The Soil Arts Festival in St. Catharines, DARTcritics Hayley Malouin and Elizabeth Amos found themselves sitting down to a delightful puppet show at the Central Library amidst a crowd of excited children.

Chester: Hey! Who are you calling a puppet?

Narrator: Chester, shush! I’m trying to tell the story.

Chester: But the way you tell it is sooo boring!

Narrator: Pshhhhhh, are you telling me you think you could do a better job?

Chester: I know I could!

Narrator: I’d like to see you try!

Chester: Okay, I will! Ahem. Hi, I’m Chester, the coolest cat around. You may recognize me from the popular childrens’ books called Chester (definitely authored by me and NOT Canadian author Melanie Watts), I am pretty famous if I do say so myself. I’ve been having lots of fun this weekend meeting a whole bunch of new friends at the library. I’ve even got this human named Carrie Costello from Castlewood Theatre completely under my control. I’m making her help me tell the story of how I am so much cooler than my friend Melanie. I make the stories she tries to tell better by colouring all over them with my red marker and using magic to make her boring friends like the mouse disappear. I get Carrie to play lots of funky music and make funny sound effects too. She’s really fun.

Narrator: Carrie also helped Melanie teach you some pretty important lessons about teamwork and sharing, didn’t she Chester?

Chester: Hey! Who’s telling the story here? I guess I did learn a couple things from Melanie and all of my friends in the audience. The coolest thing about my show is that everyone gets to make their very own sock puppet animal friend to take home with it. Those guys were the best!

Narrator: Even the DARTcritics got to make some puppets. I heard them say that it was a really great way to keep the children excited and engaged in your performance, Chester.

Chester: Thanks, it was a pretty good idea if I do say so myself. You’re alright!

Narrator: Thanks Chester. Do you mind if I finish up now?

Chester: Sure. I think it’s time for my cat nap anyway. Goodbye everybody!

Narrator: Goodbye, Chester! That was Chester everybody. Whether or not your little ones are a fan of Chester’s books, they are sure to find Carrie and her puppets exciting and full of energy. The DARTcritics say Castlemoon Theatre is doing a great job of creating performances for kids that will keep them engaged and in awe throughout. Castlemoon tours productions through libraries and schools, and I promise, if your children get the chance to see one, this story will have a happy ending.

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