Here are highlights from the recent colloquium, The Changing Face of Criticism in the Digital Age, held at Brock University this March.

Videos edited by Dramatic Arts students Jessica De Hoog, Emily Ferrier, Misha Harding, James Keating, Nicholas Leno, Brianne Lidstone, Hayley Malouin, and Kendra Neaves.

Theatre in Niagara

Discussion led by Karen Fricker, Assistant Professor at Brock University and founder of


Embedded Criticism

Discussion led by Lawrence Switzky, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto


Critics and Bloggers

Led by Karen Fricker










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  1. Zofia / November 1, 2015 at 12:29 pm /Reply

    I’m very interested in watching the video highlights from the colloquium, especially that part about embedded criticism, because that is what I do too. However, I can’t find any link to it, has it been removed from the site? Is there any chance to watch it or gain access to it via e-mail? I would be very thankful for sharing this material. Zofia Smolarska, embedded academic from Poland.

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